On January 12th went for my annual physical. In examining my abdomin doctor felt something wasn’t right. She scheduled me for an MRI on 1/15.

The MRI on 1/15 disovered an abdominal aortic anyeurysm,

They took me by ambulance to Mass General Hospital (MGH) emergency room. After some tests and discusion with the doctors it was decided I needed have the anyeurysm fixed whch is major surgery.

On Wednesday 1/17 I underwent surgery to repair the anyeurysm.

I was released from the hospital to recover at home on 1/26. At this point I am able walk with a walker and navigate around our apartment. Not sure how long it will take to be ‘completely’ recovered, whatever that means. I expect to start working again remotely in a couple of weeks assuming all goes well Hopefully I will be able to be out and about in 6-8 weeks and start attend live music shows again.

There you have it folks for those interested.

rhanson @ sarj.org